Fursuit-Making Supplies

Fursuit-Making Supplies

Here I am offering pre-made fursuit bits and other supplies for building and maintaining your fursuit!
Purchase available with PayPal account or credit card. (note, you do not need to have an account already, just follow the steps to pay when you check out)

Glue Sticks
Industrial application glue sticks.. these are some of the HIGHEST temp sticks I could find. I've testet them with fabric on fabric, foam, rubber, rubber on rubber, etc and the hold up incredibly well, better than anything you can by in the store! They are 10" long and and standard diameter. 10 sticks - $3
25 sticks - $7
3M Super 74 Orange Foam Spray Adhesive. Orange in color, formulated for bonding foam to most anything. NOT like Super 77.. this is a fantastic spray adhesive to use since it's thick (foam-based), NOT a liquid so you don't have that toxic overspray! It sprays in a vertical line and can be adjusted from a small, medium, to high spray. 3M Foam Spray - $15

Misty II hospital grade disinfectant & deoderant spray. This stuff is better than EndBac even! Did you know EndBac is made for NON pourus surfaces?! (read the can!) Misty is made for fabrics and kills more germs & viruses. It smells a lot better, too! Misty Spray - $8
Fursuit Bits
Important note: These are all hand made and take time (up to a day) to pour, cast, and set. On top of fitting in orders inbetween my usual work, it can take a week or more just to make, depending on what you order. Please be aware of this, and if you need something in a timely manner, ask me about it first! paypal at denofwolves(dot)com
Shipping on these (if you are only ordering bits) will be $5 (within the US). It will come up as more because Paypal's cart shipping calculations are limited, so I will end up refunding your shipping difference when I get them shipped out. :)
Claws are a total of 1 1/2" long, but only stick out of the finger tip about 1". The base of them is designed to hold the claw in place inside the finger, the groves on the side allowing room for the seams inside as well.
Available in hard plastic and soft rubber, in sets of 8 or 10.
8 claws - $10
10 claws - $12

Pawpads are made out of a flexible urethane rubber. They are sold as complete sets, enough for two hands; for 4-fingered paws (two palmpads and eight fingertip pads) or 5-fingered (two palmpads and 10 fingertip pads). They are now backed with thick felt so they can be easily applied with ANY glue!

Available in solid colors or speckled. Select a main pad color, and then select another color speckles if you'd like (pinks pads with black speckles shown). This option adds $3 to the price.
Available colors: black, brown, grey, pink, or white.

4-finger set - $12
5-finger set - $15

Noses measure approx. these are 2 1/2" at the widest point. A support wire will be added to the back, sticking out to add leverage when pierced into the foam of the muzzle, and secure it in place.
Available in hard plastic or soft rubber, black, brown, pink, grey, or white.
Nose - $7

Additional notes: The plastic parts can be painted since, well, they're plastic. I suggest giving them a light sanding before doing so. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want anything in a different color.. I have more colors but they just aren't popular.